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Thursday, July 31, 2003

The media’s “uproar” over the 16 words in the State of the Union is intended to obscure the more sinister aspects of the administration’s run-up to the war. It is almost if they want to play semantics with 16 words instead of attempting to debunk a program of systematic deceit. The Bush administration’s selective and misleading basis for the war is as well-documented as it is outrageous. Remember the aluminum tubes, the drones that could target the mainland US, or quaking from the Saddam having the capability to strike us within 45 minutes with WMD, etc. Oh yeah, how about the little white lie about Saddam and Al Qaeda being in cahoots. If we had justification for going to war against a state for assisting Al Qaeda , it was Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia not Iraq.

The media gave Bush a pass on his latest LIE, as a July 15th Washington Post article quotes, ‘Defending the broader decision to go to war with Iraq, the president said the decision was made after he gave Saddam Hussein “a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in.”’ Am I the only one who must have slept through the last year and half, who thought before the US attacked we asked the UN Weapon inspectors to leave? At that point, France was even proposing increasing the number of inspectors. Image the media circus and right wing onslaught if Clinton had made that asinine comment.
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