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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Revenge Max Cleland’s loss! Kerry says “I don't need any lessons in patriotism or caring about America from the likes of Tom DeLay...”

Nothing was more disheartening in the 2002 Congressional elections than how Saxby Chambliss and the Bush machine impugned Senator Max Cleland for lack of patriotism. How could the public and media allow the Republicans to smear the reputation of a triple-amputee Vietnam Veteran without widespread outrage? Democrats must not surrender our flag to the privileged draft dodger. How can Democrats let Bush who used family influence to get into the National Guard and then did not even show-up for whole segments of his duty, continue to question their patriotism? We need a presidential nominee like John Kerry who can take it to the “Photo-Op” Chichenhawks.

Senator Kerry’s comments, “Five months ago here in Georgia, Max Cleland's position on national security, known to all his colleagues, was deliberately distorted, and that was particularly outrageous given the kind of sacrifice and service that he has given this country. There is something very wrong in America when a hero like Max Cleland who has made his contribution is subjected to the worst in American politics. He ought to be in the U.S. Senate today. And let me tell you, every day in the course of my race for the presidency of the United States I will be motivated -- and I ask you to help me be motivated -- to hold them accountable for what they did to Max Cleland.”
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