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Friday, August 08, 2003

Patience... It isn’t a virtue to peak early in a presidential race. There are still six months before the first caucus.

Several other Kerry supporters I know have expressed emotions ranging from anger to disgust with what they perceive as the lethargic nature of the Kerry campaign.

Reports like the one in the USA Today showing Sen. Kerry’s “lead” slipping is making supporters nervous. See URL below:

There are several reasons Kerry supporters should not worry.

1) The Senator has not even announced his candidacy formally. He has not been introduced to many Democratic primary voters yet. You would not be a supporter if you didn’t find his story and vision compelling. Others will also...

2) The Senator has quietly been building a large network of endorsements and supporters. They plan major announcements in September to coincide with his formal candidacy.

3) The Kerry campaign is sitting on its war chest while other candidates are blowing through precious cash at enormous rates.

4) Remember the Kennedy strategy... Primaries are not setup to be a national contest. They are fought state by state. Kerry is still one or two in Iowa and New hampshire. When Lieberman who has zero chance of winning the nomination decides to drop out, it only helps Kerry in New Hampshire.

Plus, as a transplanted Southerner, I think once Kerry introduces himself in South Carolina, he will do very well. Remember the South has seen a disproportionate amount of their boys killed in suspect wars after being lied to by the elite. This is especially true in the African-American community. His call to national service for the youth will resonate in a South still holding firmly to patriotic values.

5) Blowing money over the next month would not be a good use of resources. Everything is going to be lost in the coverage surrounding the California gubernatorial race. Kerry should use the lull to reenergize and build on his emerging grassroots successes using low cost methods.
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