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Friday, August 08, 2003

Who is going to call BS to Dean’s temper tantrum? The AP quoted Dean adviser Steve McMahon saying the former Vermont governor finds in his campaign travels that "Democrats are almost as angry at the Democrats in Washington as they are at Republicans in Washington."

Everything I hear out of the Dean campaign is that Democrats are trying to be Bush lite. With the except of Joe Lieberman, I find their resistance valiant. Dean started this myth and now is enjoying the benefits of it, regardless of what it is does to our party.

In the House without any success, the Democrats have been fighting the Republicans tooth and nail to gain any media attention. It isn’t their fault the fascist way the Republicans have shut them out of the democratic process. The Democrats in the Senate have also been very united in opposing the President’s legislation. So excepting the minority DLC, “Washington Democrats” have actually been very vocal in opposing Bush. Sorry Governor Dean, with the Republicans controlling the Senate, it is just impossible to get an independent council.

Dean’s rant is just more Democratic self-destruction. Every four years like clockwork, we can never get our act together enough to actually attack Republicans. Yes, I agree the garbage coming out of the DLC these days is wrong, since their thorny barbs are going to stick to any eventual Democratic nominee. But why try to destory the entire party because you disagree with a small minority. It is hypocritical for Dean’s campaign to blast a “Washington Democrat” straw man. Funny isn't it, how the media loves to cover Dean blasting the other Democrats, but dismisses all Democratic attacks on Bush as more "politics?"

Why kick the “Washington Democrats” around since they are powerless and ignored by the media? Shouldn’t Dean be taking on the media for their refusal to cover the Democrat’s fight since the 2000 election? Hmmm. Guess being the unexamined media darling keeps the Governor from comprehending his grand delusion.
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