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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Reposting an earlier post...

I chatted with “Mudcat” Saunders at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention about the idea of NASCAR dads. (Mudcat is one of the guys who engineered Gov. Warner’s victory in Virginia. With, get this, 51% of the rural vote…) His contention is the only reason we lose the South is because white males think Democrats are wimps. It isn’t that they disagree with us. If you want the South (or enough parts to win), Democrats have to correct an image problem. As a fellow Southerner (now transplanted), I agree.

But you know what, I could see JK taking a lap at Bristol under the lights and looking good. For some of our other candidates, it would resemble Dukakis in the tank. Heck, JK might even pick up a shotgun and go hunting in the Smoky Mountains afterward. Vietnam veteran, alpha-male, athletic, and has the same diplomatic speaking skills the older Southern politicians used to have… For those of you not familiar with “this dog will hunt,” I think the Senator will do very well in the South if he is introduced correctly. I could see him winning four to five Southern states giving us a landslide plus coattails (Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, who knows maybe even TN).

By the way, campaign. Mudcat was working with Graham. Are you going to bring him on-board?
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