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Friday, October 10, 2003

Speaking of who we are fighting for the hearts and minds of the American people… Did anyone else see Pat Robertson’s comment?

The televangelist Pat Robertson suggested that someone blow up the State Department with a nuclear bomb. Geee… Wonder where Timothy McVeigh got his big ideas?


Help President Bush: Sign the Affidavit

President Bush told the press on Tuesday that he doesn't "have any idea" whether the senior administration officials who blew a CIA operative's cover will ever be found. But if he just asked his staff to sign a legally binding affidavit confirming that they weren't involved, and referred anyone who wouldn't to the FBI, it's possible he could flush out the perpetrators in a day. To date, the President hasn't even discussed this matter with his staff.

We've already done the President's homework for him by writing the affidavit. Now let's show him how easy it is for innocent people to legally declare their innocence. You can sign the affidavit and send it to the President in under a minute by filling out the form below:

I just signed it also and think it is brilliant. Sometimes humor is better at reaching people who are not as involved in following politics day-by-day. If enough people sign this petition and it gets publicity, the average FOX viewer might even ask, “why if so many other citizens would voluntarily sign it, why wouldn’t the personnel of the Bush administration?”

In the same vein of thought, I think John Stewart is more effective at reaching average people than Bill Maher. Bill has more depth to his arguments and rightly is more popular with the politically savvy. However, John Stewart’s wit and humor helps the broader audience question “what they are being feed by their political masters” because he does it without offending or condescending.

This one is a keeper. Forward it to everyone you know!
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