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Sunday, November 09, 2003


Dean must be stopped for the good of the Party

No matter how hard Dean panders to the NRA vote he is not going to get it. Again, his stance on tax issues and his complete lack of knowledge/vision on national security/military issues are going to doom us not only in the South, but also in West. If Dean is the Democrat’s nominee, it is going to reinforce the negative stereotype of Democrats as liberal elitists that condescend toward rural people and who are also weak on national security. Sadly, people vote on perception not policy. Congressional candidates in swings states better start running for cover.

If Dean is the nominee, my campaigning efforts are going into a local Congressional race where at least Democrats stand a chance.

I can just see it now, the Deanies will load the buses up in New York, Washington DC, Philly, etc. to go on a bus tour leafleting of the South to convert the “pickup driving, Rebel flag waving, poor white Southerners” to their cause with all the fervor of prohibitionists smashing kegs of booze. The funny part will be when Starbucks reports their East coast earnings losses for that week.
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