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A quote from former Senator Warren B. Rudman, Republican of New Hampshire sums it up, "I think he's a moderate Democrat — very liberal on social policy and reasonably conservative on foreign policy and defense matters."

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Dean using Iraq War to his Advantage - Distorts other candidates' views, Lies about his own

Finally, someone in the media is actually doing primary research... Please read this fantastic Thomas Oliphant article. Every Kerry supporter should print multiple copies of this article to handout to Dean supporters that you encounter. Please forward this article to any Democrat you know. Don’t let this article die!

Dean is now the front-runner because he got away with distorting other candidates' positions and flip-flop on his own record. In fact, he spent the entire summer distorting Kerry’s record and molding his own war position after-the-fact. If we don’t start to refute his distortions now, don't for one minute believe Bush/Rove and their willing lap dogs in the media will allow his distortions to pass in November 2004. And the result, disaster for the Democratic Party...

We have the opportunity to elect the Real Deal, John Kerry. He actually has a plan for governing America.

"I believe in a Democratic Party of real solutions, of real leaders, that offers a real deal to the American people. I’m running to replace George Bush's Raw Deal with a Real Deal that stands up to the powerful interests. That’s built on people and products not privileges and perks. And that stands on the side of those who are standing up for what’s right," said John Kerry.

"It’s a President we’re choosing here. That's why today I want to lay out some of what I’ll do in the first hundred days of a Kerry Administration to make the Real Deal a reality. In the weeks ahead, I'm going to lay out an Action Plan for the First 100 Days. The specific steps we will take to change America – the steps I will fight for in the early days of a Kerry Presidency."

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