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Monday, November 24, 2003


The Drudge Report Better be Wrong or We are in Trouble

Someone please kick me and tell me either I’m dreaming or Drudge’s Report is full of crap. If this is true, it sounds like JK should be firing more high-level staffers. They have no clue about the pulse of the American people. I’ve been out speaking to real Democratic voters gathering petitions for the Senator to get him on the ballot and trust me, no one is looking for Senator Kerry to run to the left of Dean on the war issue. The undecided voters who are considering Kerry are in the middle. Please don’t tell me we have high level staffers with a JUVENILE and naive of an understanding of what is happening with the Democratic voters.

1) Stop trying to defend his Iraq vote and develop how Kerry's the real anti-war protester, not Dean… Bull-crap. This will blow up on you! I defend Sen. Kerry vote on the resolution every time I talk to voters using his own language. Most of them say to me, wow, “if he only explained it that way.” Sadly, I’m using his own words to talk to people. The issue is WE NEVER RESPONDED HARD AND FAST TO DEAN’S CHARGES instead we danced around the issue and gave people a perception Dean was right. Read my previous blogs, Dean has multiple answers he can’t answer about the vote. Don’t want to believe me, read the Thomas Oliphant article that I linked to below. Due to blood sucking resume seekers around him, JK has allowed Dean to spread lies about him throughout the whole summer without responding. We need to hit him and hit him hard on his inconsistent positions, but for God’s sake don’t paint JK as a flaming anti-war advocate. His position has always been when rightly been one of nuance, not sound bite. Dean still can’t answer how he would have gotten the inspectors back into the Iraq. Please don’t abandon the middle ground!

2) Statements on how he could have served in the military, but decided not to. You don’t need to attack Dean for getting a medical exemption. Attack Dean because he is no different than Bush in his attempts to use the “War on Terror” or “9/11” to his advantage by simplifying it either good or evil and then distorting his opponents’ records.

3) Use a motorcycle more for campaigning, said it would help with Kerry's "aloof" image problem… This one is preposterous. You don't need to keep playing this card more and more. Sure he like motorcycles, but he isn't running for President of the local Hog Club. I have heard more than six times this weekend how undecided voters thought the motorcycle stunt on Leno was to over the top to be Presidential. While this is irrating, what really bugs me is that everyone is trying to "fix" a mythical problem. You know what, I have yet to hear any voter referring to Kerry as aloof (only other wanna be pundits like myself). In this environment, people want to see a man who is serious and intense, not trying to be everyman. Remember JK is naturally a leader people will follow, so please take your bloody political operative hands off him and let him be himself.

JK should be doing three things right now to win. First, attack Dean’s inconsistency on the war and how his foreign policy positions are out of touch with the American people. Second, talk about his 100 days vision and optimism (domestic). Third, he should work harder to personally talk to more people in IA and NH than Dean. He needs to show he can outwork Dean right now.
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