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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Hey, hey, hey... The media is catching on. Yup, we rocked J&J

William Saletan in had a great article that is well worth your reading in its entirety. I have picked a few choice paragraphs out below:

Last week, I made fun of Kerry's campaign shakeup and his promises of a new theme. Saturday night, he unveiled that theme, and you know what? It's terrific. On a series of issues, Kerry contrasted President Bush's promises with what Bush has delivered, leading the crowd in a refrain against each "raw deal." With a nod to FDR, Kerry promised a "real deal, where we stand up and fight for working people … where we make our economy an economy that's based on people and products."

The word "real" was explicitly aimed at Bush, whom Kerry accused of playing "dress-up" in his famous celebration of victory in Iraq. "I know something about aircraft carriers for real," said Kerry. "If George Bush wants to make national security the issue of this campaign, then I have three words for him that I know he understands: Bring it on!" Kerry's supporters took up the chant, but Kerry made clear that his message also targeted Dean: "We are a Democratic Party that offers real solutions, real leaders—the party of Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton. … We need to offer answers, not just anger. We need to offer solutions, not just slogans. So, Iowa, don't just send them a message next January. Send them a president."

This is what Kerry's message should be, because it's who he is. He's the guy to whom battlefield bloodshed is real and foreign policy isn't a foreign language. It's what distinguishes him—now that Wes Clark has bowed out—from every other contender in Iowa. Kerry isn't pretending to be the guy who makes your heart race. He's saying, go ahead and have your fling, but when it's time to marry, you know who to count on.

There is another great article that fits with Saletan's theme that I posted in August. When I posted the blog, I wrote the article “really brought clarity to me.” Well it still does, and if you haven't read this article, you should because it should be Democrats mantra against Bush in 04. I have reposted the blog and link below.


Reposted: This is a must read column! Democrats must reverse the tables on the character issue and take it to the Bush/Rove machine. We need to reevaluate our strategy since 70% of the American people view Bush as trustworthy. How is this possible? 1992 was “It’s the Economy Stupid.” 2004 has to be “Bush is a fake.” We can turn the photo-op landing to our advantage by offering the American public a choice between a phony and a real “Commander-in-Chief” with three purple hearts and a gold star.
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