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Monday, November 17, 2003

You heard it here on Blog4Kerry first long before the J&J dinner (Sept. 8th). Dean’s angry rhetoric will not win this election and Democrats better have a vision of optimism.

Jefferson-Jackson in Des Moines…

I was at the J&J dinner this weekend and what a blast. Over a thousand loud, sign waving Kerry supporters lined up behind the Senator and accompanied him into the area. Kerry was like a modern day gladiator going into the coliseum to wage war.

The Dean Bloggers are already spinning their web of deceit. Rick Klau is full of crap about there being 12 sections of Dean supporters and three sections of Kerry supporters.

Edwards and Gep had a section or two of supporters each, but in the rest of the arena was evenly split between loud Kerry and Dean supporters. Dean did NOT have more supporters there than Kerry. Matter of fact, the buzz at the event was about how many crazed, loud excited Kerry supporters there were at the event. Plus the Firefighters for Kerry and Veterans for Kerry were the most visible of all the supporter groups.

Hillary is Pissed…

The real interesting scoop of J&J was how annoyed Hillary was to have to read Dean’s introduction in first person. Hillary prefaced her introduction of the candidates by saying the following, “Just to not offend any candidates supporters, I want people to know that I asked the campaigns to prepare their own introductions which I will read verbatim.” My take was that she was upset to have to read Dean’s introduction in first person like she actually wrote the words. While it was a brilliant move for the Dean campaign, since most people will not hear the preface, I have a feeling raising Hillary’s ire is not a good thing long-term.


The Boston Globe puts the balcony split at 30% Dean to 20% Kerry. Then when you take into account the substantial lean on the arena floor toward Kerry, the numbers reach near parity.
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