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Tuesday, November 11, 2003


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Hi Dan, I would think most people now see it this way given the way the Resolution has played out in the media. However, if you look at the Resolution it only authorized force under two occasions, 1) If there is an imminent threat 2) to enforce Security Council Resolution. Sadly, most people have not actually read the resolution.

As Senator Kerry argued on the floor of the Senate that, "None of those resolutions or, for that matter, any of the other Security Council resolutions demanding Iraqi compliance with its international obligations, calls for a regime change.” He (and others in the FP community) did not see this Resolution as grounds going to war without another United Nations Security Council resolution.

What changed between September and Bush’ invasion in March? The anti-war folks rather than lay the blame on this President’s feet; were sucked in by an opportunist Presidential candidate, who viewed this as an opportunity to distort and simplify other candidate’s positions in a shameless attempt to bolster his own candidacy.

Sadly, the only result has been more misinformation the American people have to plow through to get to the truth. Those who call the September Resolution a "blank check" only give "aid and comfort" to this President in his lies. This is where Dean duped all us Democrats in an opportunist attempt to win the nomination.

He ignored his promises leading up to the war with Iraq. He ignored even the resolution that did not even authorize regime change. Even with the September Resolution, he had no authority to attack since he did NOT have secondary Security Council authority. But rather than attack Bush for his failure to live up to his obligations, the American people now believe Bush was "authorized to attack Iraq" without any conditions. Because 99.99% of American will never read the actual resolution, one political opportunist’s rants, in an egotistical attempt to win the Presidency, has severely damaged the Democrats chances of holding this President responsible for his lies.

Plus, Dean still can’t answer how he would get the inspectors into Iraq.
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