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Saturday, November 01, 2003


Political journalist foresees Bush win

“Stephanopoulos said he expects the campaign will occur during a good economy and that national security will be the biggest campaign issue, something Democrats classically have had a hard time with. He was especially discouraged by front-runner Howard Dean's campaign based on antiwar outrage, believing Americans will prefer Republican optimism.”

You heard it here on Blog4Kerry first: 1) national security will be the number one issue in this campaign, and 2) vision (optimism) versus “outrage” is what will win the general election. Looks like we are seeing the Democratic Party in the process of self-destructing, even in the face of the many reasons the American people have for kicking Bush out of office. Sen. Kerry is so good at the “vision thing,” but just awful at being “outraged.” Outrage may win this primary, but will not get the Presidency back for the Democrats.

Some of the e-mails, I’m getting from the national campaign have been discouraging of late. Seems they are trying to out-negative Dean in their hatred of Bush… The primary election is deteriorating into a joke.

No candidate will be able to “out hate” or “out hysteria” Dean, Kerry needs to get back to what he does best, “presenting a different vision and different set of choices” for the American people. IT is NOT to late with two months left, please give the Democratic Party voters another choice than just Dean’s brand of negativity.
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