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Monday, November 17, 2003

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Heard an NPR report that Kerry is renewing focus on New Hampshire. I hope he doesn't do this to the detriment of Iowa. The last pole showed him within 5 points of Dean in Iowa.

My hope is the campaign adopts an Iowa focus to help build on Kerry’s momentum from the J&J dinner. If Kerry shows he has appeal in the Mid-west, I really think this can build the “buzz” he needs right now. Everyone I have ever talked to who hears him speak is impressed. The media just refuses to print good news out of his campaign since it doesn’t fit what they want to believe.

What works in the Mid-West:

- Hammer home national security/foreign policy/military experience like he did at the J&J dinner. “Bring it on” is a good start. He is the only candidate with the stature to challenge this President.

- Transition more quickly to the vision aspect (hate to say it but Edward’s message at J&J was perfectly scripted for the mood of the party right now). Remember Kerry is the best candidate at painting an optimistic vision, don’t try to make him compete with Dean in the angry category. (He can’t possible win being more mad than Dean). Get mad, make the point, then transition quickly to use that great New England optimism that is so inspiring.

- Make Iowans realize if they send the message to the country by Kerry winning the primary, he can take New Hampshire. Put the choice in Iowans hands. He then becomes the alternative to Dean, and trust me people I talk to in the party are scared Dean is going to be the nominee. The anti-Dean vote is much larger than the Dean vote, it just hasn’t coalesced around a candidate.

- The “send the rest of the country a President, not a message” line is great. Keep it, use it. This is someone who has been preparing all his life and is ready to lead.

A second place finish in Iowa behind Gep would even be great. This would take the "aura of invisibility" off Dean and tarnish him in front of his media admirers. If Dean is third in Iowa, it proves his electability is diminished outside of New England. Very quick, New Hampshire voters will start to reconsider their current state of insanity.

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