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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Yikes, just got back from battling the Dean trolls on the Kerry blog. Their candidate said something stuff else stupid again so they are out in force trying to obfuscate his mistake on everyone elses blogs.

Amazing, the other candidate when he was a long shot was routinely bashing the other candidates saying he was the “Democratic wing of the Democratic party” and the other candidates were “Bush-lite Washington elitists.” Funny how being the frontrunner has changed this “straight talker” into “don’t hurt the party, don’t bash me, just Bush.” His supporters cannot take the same criticism they have been dishing out for the last five months.

I’m not big on the “anybody but Bush” attitude some Democrats are taking. We really need to carefully nominee a candidate who can heal our deeply divided country. I really feel the country is splitting into two camps that are no longer hearing the other camp.

I’m not about revenge, because I fear for my country. Getting mad was good for motivation, but we need to start moving on and presenting a different optimistic vision of a strong secure America.
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