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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Bush Approval Rating at 61%

Recent poll from the National Annenberg Election Survey puts Bush's approval rating at 61%. While I would fully expect this to settle given the spike after Bush's trip to Iraq, this is just another example of how precariously the Democrats are sitting on the edge of the cliff. Hey, we have had five months of Dean's non-stop angry fiery rhetoric and guess what? Those swing voters, not only aren't lining up behind Dean's camp, but if anything the slide we saw with Bush's numbers (into the mid-40s%) this summer have been steadily rising higher with Dean verbal assaults.

Notice, Bush never attacks his rivals. The Republicans allow others to do the attacking so he can sit above the fray. Unfortunately, all Democratic candidates have been trapped into hot rhetoric Bush bashing in Dean's style or the press refuses to cover their relevance (another stereotype the media like to prove. Democrats = Bush haters). The sooner Dean is a non-issue in this campaign, the better the chances Democrats have of recovering.

If Kerry is the nominee, I hope he gets back to the pre-summer positive visionary campaign he was fighting. Kerry hit the nail on the head in order to beat Bush, you have to show the American people there are a different and better set of choices America could make at every step versus this administration's choices. This campaign focused on choices not personal attacks and I miss it. Sigh, too bad that Kerry's pre-summer campaign was geared toward the general election instead of a primary. Maybe we would not be in this mess now.
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