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Sunday, December 21, 2003


Energy Independence = National Security

One of the original reasons I chose to support JK is the visionary way in which he talked about energy independence. He has always been able to articulate the tie between Energy Independence and National Security in a thoughtful and inspirational way. When he challenges Americans to a new “Manhattan Project” in the pursuit of energy independence, it resonates with what we instinctively know is important. Most Americans believe in some tie between middle-eastern oil and the hatred of Americans by people in those countries. While our support of tyrannical oil regimes is only a part of why we are hated in the region, there is no denying a direct link between those regimes and having a large military presence in the Persian Gulf.

I’m continually amazed how many people that are not environmentalists respond positively to the theme of energy independence. I attribute this to American’s longing for self-reliance. After all, energy independence is good national security. Plus, the pursuit of energy independence frees Americans entrepreneurial spirit to innovate.

This is a good issue for Kerry because it highlights his two strengths; foreign policy and the environment.

· Elimination of many federal subsidies to oil and energy companies in favor of redirecting the money to research in renewable energy technologies
· Offer tax credits for energy-efficient buildings and homes
· Supports a national goal of producing 20 percent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020
· Building infrastructure to improve the supply of natural gas (cheapest and cleanest of all energy sources) from Alaska
· Increase our fuel economy standards to 36 miles per gallon by 2015 and provide tax incentives for consumers to buy the vehicles
· Calls to create a New Energy Economy to free American industries and ingenuity to discover new technologies
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