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Sunday, December 21, 2003


Finding an Anti-Dean Candidate: Let’s Take Back Our Party

So who is the anti-Dean candidate?

We can't pick a political novice like Clark and expect him to win. Clark is running for Mr. Congeniality right now.

Gephardt? Looks like he isn't even going to beat Dean or Kerry in IA. Beyond that, has he ever appealled to anyone outside of Labor?

Lieberman... Sorry, the Gore bounce is over. The best thing Joe can do is be the voice of reason for the Party in decrying the lunacy of Dean right now.

Yes, it brings me to the same conclusion also. The only candidate capable of stopping Dean is Kerry.

He has pulled within the margin of error with Gephardt in Iowa. In internal polling, he has surged ahead of Gephardt. If he pulls off an upset in Iowa, by default he becomes the anti-Dean candidate. This should boost him into at least a close second or even upset win in New Hampshire. Either way, he then has been in the headlines for two weeks in a one-two position with Dean.

The establishment is actively looking for an alternative to Dean. The first candidate who reaches this title, and becomes a viable alternative is going to be on the receiving end of a lot of money and endorsements. Once the Party money starts to open up, Edwards, Clark and others are going to have to bow out quietly. Al Gore's endorsement was not the establishment endorsing Dean, it was Gore admitting his own rejection of the "FOB" gang (Friends of Bill).

Remember up until recently Kerry had staff and organization in 18 states. Sure, he has pulled some back to focus on NH and IA, but it isn’t like he has to rebuild it all over again. He plugs his staff back in and they renew their contacts.

Another thing in Kerry’s favor is money. He still has enough money to go toe-to-toe with Dean for at least a couple of months. If I’m an Edwards or Lieberman donor, I’m certainly taking this into consideration.

Exciting, fluid race to watch. Can't wait to see the pundits on Jan. 20th.
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