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Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Gore's Politically Motivated Endorsement Bolsters his own 2008 Run

Gore lied. He promised not to endorse, but of course he did. Then he lied again by calling Dean is the most electable candidate.

Sadly, Gore is preempting other national Democrats in an attempt to endear himself to Dean’s fanatical supporters. Most Democratic Party insiders don’t believe they can beat Bush this year, especially with Dean as the nominee. Al Gore is ensuring he has a base of support for the inevitable Hillary / Al slugfest in the 2008 Democratic primary. In the 2008 election, Gore would have had no starting constituency in a run against Hillary. Now he does...

Gore knows Dean cannot beat Bush. Gore knows that Dean’s tax stance will raise taxes on the middle class and that his “anti-war” stance(s) without answers are going to torpedo Democrat’s chances in 2004. All the better for Gore, Dean loses badly and Gore inherits many of Dean’s supporters for 2008. What a panderer!

And yes, now I'm pissed at the Democratic establishment. They have now given up on actually beating George Bush and are instead looking to cover their butts in the upcoming crash and burn in 2004.


AP reports Gore said Dean "really is the only candidate who has been able to inspire at the grass-roots level all over the country." Heard the rest on CNN, but haven’t had a chance to see the entire transcript yet. Sounds like Gore is wholeheartedly adopting Trippi’s language of empowerment. My guess is Gore is may more interested in starting a revitalization of the Democratic Party than actually winning in 2004.

And get this, Gore says he supports Dean because of how his candidacy is good for democracy, but than in the same breath said he wanted all Democrats to pull behind Dean a month before the first vote is cast. Is this the type of democracy he wants?

I now wish Hillary would endorse another candidate than Dean. Anything to establish an anti-Dean candidate… Now wouldn’t that be a hoot, Al versus Hillary proxies fighting it out in 2004?
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