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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Great news. “We got him.” Fantastic!

This presents this administration with yet another opportunity to internationalize the Iraqi occupation. Let’s hope they don’t squander this chance to take the targets off our soldiers backs. Yes, we should try Saddam in Iraq and let justice be done.

But we should cut a deal with Germany and France. The Europeans want very badly to legitimize the International Criminal Court. They were very upset when Bush early in presidency tried to torpedo the ICC. And us, well we want to bring NATO into Iraq to assist our efforts at national building.

So here is the deal, have Saddam tried in Iraq under auspices of the ICC in exchange for NATO troops in Iraq. Throw in opening up the contractual process for debt relief. This could be like an All-Star game weekend trade. Simple, and effective!

Don’t blow another opportunity Mr. Bush.
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