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Saturday, December 20, 2003


Haaaa-Haaaaa. Headline: Dean Seeks Halt to Attack Politics

Unbelievable. The guy who became frontrunner by lying and distorting the other candidate’s records and who now is leading, wants an end to attack politics.

It's not necessary to tear down the other opponents," said Dean.

This from the guy who brought you “Bush-lite” and “cockroaches.” What goes around comes around. I really am startring to believe Dean is bi-polar. Even funnier (in a sad way) is this quote…

"This campaign needs a little character transplant," Dean said. "You shouldn't believe what other people say." I can just see the lemming followers shaking their heads in agreement, “Whatever the great leader says we believe.”

And this quote takes the cake. "It has to be about rebuilding the Democratic party."

If this is rebuilding the Democratic Party, then count me out. I just don't believe it is a good thing to remaking the Democratic Party into an extreme leftist Party just to counterbalance the fanatical zealotry of the Republican Party. Uni-thinking (group thought) is the only way I can describe Dean’s followers. It is just like the far right. Any criticism of their candidate’s positions, quotes, and inconsistencies becomes criticism of them personally. Yes, I do believe they are taking the “power to the people” garbage a little too far.


Sent to me from a cyber friend in Iowa. He noted the same day “Howard Dean pleading for Democrats to play nice, Iowa residents received a Dean campaign flyer taking shots at John Kerry and Dick Gephardt.” Geesh, who is Dean kidding?

Another couple articles as a reminder of who really needs a character transplant. Sorry, I can't link since these articles have disappeared into the archives on the newspaper's sites.

Dean Spares No Opponent As He Sprints Across Iowa
By JODI WILGOREN (NYT) 661 words

MONTROSE, Iowa, Oct. 14 -- Howard Dean, who is increasingly giving his presidential candidacy an anti-Washington cast, cranked up his rhetoric on Tuesday, saying that if he won, members of Congress were ''going to be scurrying for shelter, just like a giant flashlight on a bunch of cockroaches.''

His jab at Capitol Hill, institutional home to four of Dr. Dean's five main rivals for the nomination, came in response to a question about how he would handle Congress and the entrenched Beltway bureaucracy. The questioner mentioned Republicans and Democrats alike, and Dr. Dean made no distinction.

Dr. Dean was not shy about criticizing his opponents, particularly Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, who has emerged as his chief rival in Iowa, which holds the first caucuses in the Democratic contest. ''Many of the people who are running for president left their constituencies a long time ago,'' he told reporters.

Dr. Dean also took a slap at Gen. Wesley K. Clark, who is retired from the Army. Asked by a voter about General Clark's appeal, he began, ''General Clark has not attacked me, and I'm not going to start by attacking him.'' He then proceeded to point out that the general had advised a Congressional candidate to support the resolution on Iraq and had praised the Bush administration at a Republican fund-raiser.

At lunchtime in Mount Ayr, he responded to a question about whether he had a bad temper by saying,
''The problem is, everybody gets along and goes along in Washington, and nothing ever happens.''

Yepsen: Win on merits, not slime ads

Des Moines Register:

11/23/2003 So Howard Dean has gone negative against Dick Gephardt in the Iowa Democratic caucus campaign. The former Vermont governor has launched TV ads and a direct-mail blitz hammering the Missouri congressman for voting for the Iraq war and the bullets to fight it.

Gephardt has pulled ahead of Dean in recent polls in Iowa, so the barrage is understandable. Dean needs to get back on top, and there are two ways a candidate can do that: 1) By talking positively about yourself and your own ideas or 2) By trashing the other guy. Dean is opting for the latter, and it's shades of 1968 when the anti-war movement savaged Hubert Humphrey and the country got Richard Nixon as a result.

In New Ads, Dean Becomes First in Campaign to Attack Fellow Democrats
October 23, 2003

CRESCO, Iowa, Oct. 22 — Howard Dean this week began running two new television advertisements that criticize his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination as "Washington politicians..." Joe Trippi, Dr. Dean's campaign manager, said this was ultimately a pre-emptive television strike. "That's what we're supposed to do with the money, is get the message out," he said. "We aren't waiting for them to go negative."

Shaun at the Upper-left does a great job documenting Dean the attack poodle. Check his site out.
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