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Saturday, January 31, 2004


You’ll Hear About This In 2004

Left-wing media my rear-end… Maybe Al Gore couldn’t make an issue of it, but we will this year. This Emperor has no clothes, and we aren’t going to let him cloak himself in the flag this time around. Below is a great excerpt from a UAW forum with Paul Begala. (link:

"Let me give you some statistics," responded panelist Paul Begala, "I worked for Bill Clinton in 1992 and …in anticipation of this very question, I looked this up on Nexis. There were 13,641 stories about Bill Clinton 'dodging the draft' …and there were 49 stories about Bush and the National Guard," Begala said.

Don’t forget about old Dick Cheney who was never criticized for taking similar educational deferments to Bill Clinton. Didn’t see him roasted in the media.
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