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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Blog4Kerry links to Pat Buchanan (Via Stout)

I’m a charter subscriber to Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative magazine.

This next statement might also come as a surprise to many of you. I subscribed to Pat’s magazine simply because it was the best anti-Iraq war writing out from September 2002 until the last six months. No liberal magazines held a candle to it, because of the neo-liberal and pacifist arguments that diluted their thought processes. After all, true conservatives and true liberals agree on foreign policy more than with their neo-conservative or neo-liberal counterparts.

You don’t believe me about TAC, look at their inaugural cover in October 2002.

Anyway, enough chat about his magazine. Pat writes another damning article blasting this administration for being so shortsighted in taking us into this war.

If this is indeed the ultimate goal of the radical Islamists, the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a strategic victory for the enemy.

Consider what has happened as a result of our war on Iraq. An enemy of Islamic fundamentalism, Saddam, has been removed. His secular Baath Party is gone. A vacuum has opened up in Iraq that the Islamists and their allies may one day fill. The Arab world has been radicalized and supports the Iraqi resistance in its drive to defeat and expel the Americans.

The destabilization of the Saudi monarchy through terror has begun. Rulers in Arab countries have been forced to distance themselves from the Americans if they wish to retain the support of their people.

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