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Thursday, June 03, 2004


New Illinois Bloggers

I’m continuing my search for local Chicagoland bloggers who post political content. Today, I discovered The Good Life Denali by Karim who just happens to be a fellow Evanstonian. His anti-Bush rant was not only good enough to justify a post here, but also a blog roll entry. Enjoy.

Who in there right mind would admit to liking what Bush has done for our country? You couldn't say with a straight face, or without prejudice, Bush or his administration has done anything for anyone other than big business or their cronies. In addition, anyone who thinks of themselves as taking the "moral-high-ground" by aligning themselves with Bush, or his rhetoric, is blinded by their own prejudices — being anti-gay, -women's rights, -religious freedom, -anything-that-differs-from-what-I-know, does not equal a heightened morality. No, on the contrary, you are the personification of the moral-low-ground — those who judge others with a jundnice eye, the very hypocrites who walk through life with blinders of hate to any truth that isn't endorsed by FOX News.
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