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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Potential Vice-Presidential Candidate Analysis

The Contenders:


Dick Gephardt was originally high on the list since he would have been a strategic pick. A Midwestern with union ties, he hails from a “red” state. If the polls proved he could swing his home state of Missouri, I don’t think there is a doubt he would be on the ticket. But… The latest polling does even have Kerry competing in Missouri and it is doubtful Gephardt would enough to the ticket to carry his home state.

Blog4Kerry predicts Gephardt’s chances continue to shrink despite Kerry’s personal admiration for him. Rating - 5


John Edward’s chances continue to increase as of late. No strategic candidate has emerged who can deliver a red state for Kerry. This means a broad appeal candidate like Edward’s is in a better position.

Blog4Kerry predicts Edward’s chances continue to increase despite Kerry’s personal questions about his readiness. Rating - 7


Vilsack is an unknown to most folks. However, Kerry owes him big time. Vilsack’s wife endorsement of Kerry in the last week of the primary carried major weight with Iowa voters. He has many of the same reasons you like Gephardt, meaning a Midwesterner from a battleground state. Gore eked out a victory in Iowa in 2000 and with Vilsack on the ticket one would hope Kerry would win sizably in the state.

Blog4Kerry doesn’t believe the hype around Vilsack of recent. While he may have moved into the top three, I don’t think he is the favored choice yet. The latest round of gossip is just “floating” to gauge the reaction. Rating - 6


He has been vetted at least. The Drudge rumor that Clark is credited with repeating to reporters is still a strike against him, but the thought of having two veterans leading the Democratic ticket in a time of war is hard to resist. Plus Kerry recently added Clark’s home state of Arkansas to the battleground list.

Blog4Kerry doesn’t believe Clark is out of the running. Depending on how Iraq goes after the turnover on the 30th, Clark might move up quickly. Rating - 6

The Rest of the Pack:


My personal dark horse favorite... Forget the plagiarism thing, forget his is from a Mid-Atlantic small state, forget he is a Senator, forget he is not a candidate who can deliever a battleground state, but who cares? Edwards can’t deliever a state much less his home state. Biden has the same appeal as Edward, but also has experience in foreign policy.

Blog4Kerry thinks Biden has MO! Wake up campaign… My rating is based on current state not where he should be. Rating – 3


Rumors are he has more skeletons than a graveyard despite the appeal of having an Hispanic governor on a ticket.

Blog4Kerry thinks Richardson is going nowhere. Rating – 2


Should have stayed out of the Presidential primary. If there is a strategic candidate it is Graham, I think he would deliver Florida. However, he just isn’t dynamic enough to help us in the Midwestern swing states. I actually think he might hurt us.

Blog4Kerry thinks Graham is going nowhere. Rating – 2


Midwest governor and now Senator, sounds appealing. One problem, Bayh is from the wrong Midwestern state, Indiana. Even with Bayh on the ticket, Kerry stands no chance of winning this Republican stronghold. Worse, the progressive base would be livid with a centrist choice like Bayh.

Blog4Kerry thinks Bayh is also going nowhere. Rating – 2
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