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Thursday, July 08, 2004


The Bush Empire Overstretched?

AP reports discontent in the ranks.

In a bipartisan show of concern that the military is dangerously overworked, lawmakers said Wednesday the Pentagon is stretching troops to their limit and perhaps undermining the nation's future force.

What is next the draft?

Other News

Seems Bush does get a little snippy. When asked about a comparison between Edwards and Cheney Bush broke into a curt, snide response.

President Bush on Wednesday curtly dismissed freshman Sen. John Edwards' credentials to be vice president while Democratic challenger John Kerry and his running mate rallied voters in battleground states. "Dick Cheney can be president," Bush declared, and Kerry suggested that was part of the problem.

Bush "was right that Dick Cheney was ready to take over on day one, and he did and has been ever since, folks, and that's what we have got to change," Kerry said.

Gee for Bush to critisize Edwards for VP when Edwards has more experience than Bush when he became President... Hmmm.
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