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Thursday, July 01, 2004


John and Joe 2004

I don't care what you people say. I still like Joe Biden for Kerry's running mate. Edwards is acceptable, but just that. He is good and I'd be proud to have him a VP, but we need experience and a political dogfighter. Blog4kerry doesn't prefer Mr. Smiley Optimism for VP, I want an attack dog to do the dirty work for Kerry, exactly like Cheney does now for the Shrub. Biden's dressing down of Ashcroft sealed it for me that he is the "Real Deal" for VP.

Recently, I got irked at Edwards. My wife and I were at David Axlerod's charity fundraiser where JE was speaking. For background, we are both southerners. After about thirty seconds into Edwards speech, we were looking at each other quizzically. Not a trace of a Southern accent was to be heard in his speech... Big money donors in the room and he just lost it. Mostly being from the midwest, the others at the table didn't notice it. (Not that I can say much because only a faint trace of my Southern roots is left in my speech, unless I have been drinking, but then I only turn it on to amuse my friends).

However, when I heard him at the Linn County Dinner in Iowa during the primaries, his North Carolina accent was prominently on display. I'll bet you Joe B doesn't turn his Delaware accent off and on. ;-)

Did I mention Biden rocks!
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