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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Just saw the Announcement!

Give the Kerry campaign kudos. They drew the Vice-President speculation out for weeks and have ended it with a bang. The stagecraft for today’s announcement was fantastic with the backdrop filled with blue collar looking types.

Plus I just have a soft spot for Pittsburgh. My wife and my first overnight date was on a snowy magical night in Pittsburgh. We later got engaged there and have traveled there many times. The people always go out of their way to be nice. We especially love the Penn Brewery in the historic Eberhardt and Ober Brewery at Christmas. Just might have to take time off to relax from the campaign this year… Sorry for the digression.

Oh yeah, the whole set up was unbelievably well done. Not having Edwards at the rally was perfect as it showcased Kerry’s executive presence and mastery of the dramatic. Kerry just keeps rising to the occasion.

The masterstroke was when Kerry said his family would ‘break bread” with the Edwards family before appearing on stage with him. A nice religious reference that the Catholic Midwest will surely pick up on.
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