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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Sour Grapes Tirade

I just responded to Polis (MA) and thought I’d post my response here. It was another sour grapes tirade from a liberal blogger about how we’d much better off if Dean was our nominee right now.
We'd be down fifteen points right now if Dean was the nominee. Dean was never going to sell in the Rust Belt where the next President is going to be elected. Think of Dean as a martyr, who bloodied Bush badly, and paved the way for a Democratic nominee who would leave the primary relatively unscathed and much stronger.

Much of what Kerry is doing is running under the radar right now. I was in Iowa when the media was pronouncing Kerry toast in late November and December. I remember back then how all the pundits were laughing, when Kerry kept saying “You don’t want to be the frontrunner till January.”

The Republicans wanted to run a Rose Garden strategy. Instead they have almost spent their war chest entirely on negative ads, and polls show Kerry is still undefined in voter’s minds. What does this mean?

Well, in order to not put it so crassly, "they are like the sixteen-year old kid in back seat of the car for the first time."

Dean strategy was fire often and wildly. Kerry’s is "Don't shoot ‘til you see the whites of their eyes.”
By the way, I wouldn’t use it yet, because it isn’t the right time, but Polis had a very good idea for a Kerry commercial. Not bad to start running a similar commercial in September.
KERRY: I'm John Kerry, and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: George Bush says "we have to take the fight to the enemy," but since 9/11, Al Qaeda has gotten stronger.

[Show Washington Times Headline, "Al Qaeda ranks boosted by war on terror, Iraq"

The New Republic calls many of the president's reasons for going to war in Iraq "highly dubious." The war on terror is like no other, against enemies who are cunning, and pledge to no national flag.

[Computer generated graphic showing worldwide reach of terrorist bases, Indonesia, Philipines, etc, in rapid succession.]

That's why John Kerry will add 5,000 more special operations soldiers to our military, to hit terrorists hard in every corner of the Globe, guided by massive new intelligence resources.

A combat veteran with 20 years experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry understands how we will win this war. John Kerry: Simply the best man for the job.

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