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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


State-by-State Polls

I keep telling people, “Don’t pay attention to the national polls, look at what is happening in the swing states.” We elect a President by the Electoral College not popular vote.

If you do look at the state-by-state polling, Kerry looks very strong right now and positioned well to win in November.

Check out Rasmussen Reports polling for July to see what I mean. In their polling, it shows Kerry with 254, Bush with 197 and 87 in tossups. Not bad since 270 wins it.


Also Zogby has a state-by-state poll in the battleground states. Zogby only has Bush leading in Nevada, Arkansas and West Virginia with a tie in Tennessee. This puts Kerry ahead in the other 12 battleground states.

The unknown factor here is going to be voter turnout. If Democrats can increase voter turnout by 10% this year, Kerry wins in a landslide.
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