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Monday, July 05, 2004


Stop the Whining About Gephardt

I've been with Kerry for over a year and half and I would be perfectly happy with Gephardt. The best thing Kerry could do is stick to his guns against popular opinion and chose a VP who he believes is ready to be President if something happens to him.

Chris Matthews made a good point today when he said it looked like Edwards was campaigning for the job. Does JK want to have his first major decision on the national stage decided by popular opinion?

We need an attacked dog that knows his place in the campaign and will take instructions plus work his butt off. Edwards is an eager beaver who might be more worried about his own run for President in the future.

The reality is that in the last month of the election, Kerry will be down 5% before he closes the gap to win. Edwards may be looking to cover his ass for a later run, while there is no question Gep will fight to the death for Kerry. I know who I would want in my corner in the last month.

I don't care if the polls drop for 5% for Kerry if he picks Gep. He should go with his gut and who will be toughest fighter for the long haul. Democrats will get over it and the poll bounce is temporary anyway.

My preference is for either Gep, Vilsack or Biden. However with Gep or Edwards, the media pronounce “as expected”and move on after a few days. With Vilsack or Biden, the media will spend weeks introducing these unknowns and their families to us. The extra media coverage buys us more time against the Bush money machine.

Updated: The Arch Pundit does a good job defending Gep as the VP choice.
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