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Monday, August 02, 2004


Amazing How the Media Notices Now

Ahhh, look what the media finally discovered. When old George H. Bush’s advisors in 2002 were telling young Jr. what a stupid mistake it would be to occupy Iraq, they keep citing all the religious and ethnic groups as the reason it would quickly deteriorate in civil war.

Well guess what. Halleluiah, after the latest bombing, the media has noticed there are Christians in Iraq. Their previous code of silence was right in line with the public conception of Iraq’s embrace of Islamic fundamentalism feed by the likes of Cheney who errantly continued to draw linkage between Al Qaeda and the old Iraqi regime.

Yes, there are Christians in Iraq. And yes, Saddam's secular government protected them with many being placed high in the Baath party. And yes, Saddam’s secular government was considered a foe of bin Laden’s thugs.

The interesting thing is how when mosques where bombed the outcry was less than now when Christian churches are being bombed.
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