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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


No Post Convention Bounce?


New Zogby battleground poll numbers are out.

John Kerry got his convention bounce. But it is a modest one and it comes with caveats.

The latest Zogby Interactive poll, taken during the Democratic convention, shows John Kerry ahead in 13 of the 16 battleground states we track. That is his biggest lead -- in terms of the number of states -- since Zogby began conducting twice-a-month online polls for in late May. Moreover, his lead is greater than the margin of error in five of the states (including Pennsylvania), up from four states just before the convention. And Mr. Kerry took back narrow leads in Florida and West Virginia.

Not bad as the challenger to be over 50% popular vote and leading in some many important states after the President has spent over 87 million in negative advertising.

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