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Wednesday, August 25, 2004



What do you think if Kerry had never mentioned Vietnam the Republicans would not have challenged his patriotism? Of course they would have.

Republicans can't run on the issues? Healthcare, stewardship of the economy, jobs, social issues, etc. the American people stand in large majorities with the Democrats. The Republicans had to resort to their fear tactics at some point.

Kerry's folks have used the convention, the veterans, firefighters, his war record, and everything else to take this issue away from the Republicans. He wasn't harping on his war record, but putting himself into position to defend against the attacks we knew were coming.

Right now if Howard Dean was the nominee, the Republicans would have even attacked the nominee worse on this issue. Unfair and wrong of course, but really now this is the party of Willie Horton. With Kerry's record, they at least have to tread lighter.

My prediction: This backfires big time on the President and takes patriotism off the table for the election. This doesn't leave Bush much to run on...
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