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Sunday, August 01, 2004


Please Keep Zell Miller Front and Center!

What a bitter old ex-segregationist! Please Karl, keep him front and center. If you saw his Meet the Press interview today, I'm amazed he is going to be speaking at the Republican convention. The Republicans have been attempting to mislead the American people at their convention by only allowing the ten "compassionate" conservatives in the party to speak. But oh joys, Zell Miller is going to be speaking!

My hunch was the Republicans had some master plan they were going to roll out after the Democratic convention to set us back on our heals. I fully expected Kerry to be down by 5 points in the last month, before pulling a win out. But now I'm actually wondering if they actually don't have a campaign strategy. The Pakistani’s found a HVT on the day Kerry spoke, Powell visited Iraq, another vague terror warning was announced and a crotchety old Southern Senator appeared on Meet the Press. Is that all you got?

There was a great exchange between Miller and Russert today. Miller was ranting about how the commies would have won if Kerry had his way. Russert responded by pointing out Miller’s record was exactly the same as Kerry’s record. The stammering Miller was too funny to watch!

SEN. MILLER: Oh, yes, I have a lot of doubts. If you will look at his record in the Senate, which is something they didn't talk about at all during the Democratic convention, it was as if he has been in a witness protection program somewhere and didn't even exist, incognito somewhere. He has voted--he's been on the wrong side of foreign policy issues for the last 20 years. If he had had his policies adopted in the Senate instead of the Ronald Reagan policies being adopted, we would still be in the Cold War. We'd still have a Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall would still be
up. This...

MR. RUSSERT: Now, Senator, how can you say that?

SEN. MILLER: Because this is a man...


SEN. MILLER: This is a man who voted to cut every single one of the weapons systems that won the Cold War.

MR. RUSSERT: But aren't you...

SEN. MILLER: This is a man that voted against the weapons system that we're using to fight the war on terror. This is a man who voted against increases in intelligence funding. He wanted to cut intelligence funding.

MR. RUSSERT: But on defense and intelligence authorization bills, you have the same voting record as John Kerry.SEN. MILLER: I didn't try to cut--now ultimately he came along and voted for some, but I sure didn't try to cut this defense budget.
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