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Sunday, August 22, 2004


“Swift Boat Veterans”

Ah, to all my friends who say Kerry would overplay his Vietnam veteran hand, just keep watching.

1. Once we show the Bush campaign’s rhetoric on patriotism will stop at nothing, their house of cards will fall.
2. The “Swift boat veterans” have given Kerry a chance to keep in the news during the lull time. What should have been a dead time where Kerry should have lost ground, will actually result in a misfire.
3. This keeps Junior’s National Guard record in the forefront and continues to give Kerry a chance to highlight the difference in their Vietnam experiences.
4. The negative advertising of the Bush campaign is losing potency. $85m later, this “scandal” will cement in swing voters minds that Bush’s surrogates are “liars.” What do they have left to throw out?

Thank you Swift Boat veterans, we appreciate your incompetence and your willingness to use it. LOL
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