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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


National Guard Revelations

Two new revelations show Bush not only did not fulfill his duty to the Guard, but lied in 2000.

First revelation, Bush should have reported to a Boston area National Guard unit when attending Harvard business school. He didn’t risking making himself subject to an involuntary order to being called up to active duty for up to 24 months. He didn’t register, but hey he was the son of a Congressman and held a slim chance of getting held to his obligations.

Maybe the President would like to fulfill his 24-month commitment to active duty in Iraq? He seemed to show some skill for the helping in the “mess hall” during his photo-op last Thanksgiving when he served turkey to the troops.

Second revelation, Bush lied about why he didn’t fulfill his commitment to take his medical exam.

“Bush's 2000 campaign suggested the future president skipped his medical exam in part because the F-102A was nearly obsolete. Records show Bush's Texas unit flew the F-102A until 1974 and used the jets as part of an air defense drill during 1972.”

Jano Cabrera from the DNC put out a great line of attack. "Now we know why Bush was trying so hard to withhold these records. When his nation asked him to be on call against possible surprise attacks, Bush wasn't there."

Expect the terror level to be raised within days...
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