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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Contact Media Via the John Kerry Volunteer Center

Got to love technology... The John Kerry Volunteer Center is just a fantastic organizing tool.

While I have used it multiple times to recruit volunteers and list events, today I used it to e-mail a letter to the editor. Talk about easy! They gave me the talking points, and allowed me to select the newspaper by just checking a box. Compose the e-mail and wha-la, it was done.

Republicans know; to control the media you have to create an "echo chamber." Hence why they coordinate talk radio, writers and pundits to "hit" the same theme in concert with their weekly campaign's talking points. It is this coordination in concert with the theme of the campaign that becomes so effective. This is why the JK Volunteer center is the right tool. You coordinate thousands of people writing the same points to editors around the country. There, a novel thought, a Democratic "echo chamber."

Here was my first feeble attempt:

Independent voters have only one choice in the November 2nd election.

While George Bush’s litany of catastrophic choices show he is out of touch with reality on Iraq, that he has no economic plan for the middle class and yes, he even refuses to level with the American people, the truly scary part is that the two other Republican controlled branches of government enable his incompetence. The Republican Congress and conservative Supreme Court empower Bush to continue to make wrong decisions without proper checks and balances.

Good government is often split government. Split government empowers moderates in both parties. Single party government empowers radicals and overlooks incompetence. Look now further than the Clinton 1990’s offset by Republican Congresses. The result was unprecedented economic growth and moderate government benefiting all not just a few special interests. To return to balance in this country and a government for the many instead of the few, independent voters must repudiate radical one party rule in November by electing John Kerry President.

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