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Monday, October 25, 2004


My latest letter to the Editor

America can't afford four more years of Incompetence

When President Bush refused to listen to General Shinseki and others advice on the troop levels needed to win the peace in Iraq, he recklessly endangered American troops. We have now found out there were nearly 380 tons of dangerous HMX, RDX and PETN explosives stored at al Qaqaa that have disappeared. Why did George Bush and Dick Cheney feel the need to protect Iraqi oil fields, but not military depots filled with highly explosive material perfect for roadside bombs? These explosives are now being turned on civilians, American troops and the fledgling Iraqi police.

In this time of great danger, Americans have an important choice to make. George Bush's refusal to not recognize and learn from his failures means he’s doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Can we really afford four more years of George Bush's "leadership?"

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